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 Enhance your assortment with UNFI Easy Options
UNFI Easy Options is the perfect solution to supplement your assortment with unique brands and flexible online ordering.
Discover new emerging brands, local brands, and other unique items that aren’t available in UNFI distribution centers – shipped directly to you by our Community Marketplace suppliers!
Plus, access thousands of other shelf-stable grocery and wellness items shipped by UNFI
Order whenever is most convenient for you – with no frequency requirements, it’s easy to place an Easy Options order between your regularly scheduled UNFI truck deliveries
 Register today!
            Browse the UNFI Easy Options website
Add products to your shopping cart.
Checkout and easily pay by credit card.
Your order will be shipped to you via UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc.
View order details, tracking information, and invoices in your Easy Options account.
How it works:

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