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         a. SUPPLIER NAME
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b. PRODUCT SUB-DIVISION - For some suppliers, UNFI sells more than one type of product. To facilitate locating products under these suppliers, the products have been broken down by category. Within each category products are listed alphabetically. For example - Under Cascadian Farm, there are sub-divisions for Condiments, Frozen Items and Fruit Spreads.
c. PRODUCT NUMBER - All digits are used when sending orders with MSI units.
d. ORDERINGBOX-Thisistohelpyoumaintainyourorderingrecordthroughouttheweeksthatthisfullcatalogisineffect. e. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION - This is as accurate as possible, given the space available.
f. UNIT - This is UNFI selling unit. Refer to this unit to see how the products are available. Examples:
CS - sold by case
EA - (or other term indicating a single item) - sold by individual item.
EA* - indicates item is offered as an each item, but must be purchased at a minimum of 3 when ordering less than 4 “eaches”
EA& - indicates item is offered as an each item, but must be purchased at a minimum of 6 when ordering less than 7 “eaches”
DSP - sold by complete display
g. SIZE - The number before the slash indicates the number of individual pieces per UNFI selling unit. The number after the slash indicates the size of each individual piece.
h. UPC CODE - This is to facilitate the ordering procedure for those customers with consistently large orders who use the MSI ordering system. (Above the UPC code is the 12 digit UPC number.)
i. K - This indicates a Kosher product.
j. UNIT PRICE - This indicates the cost to you of each individual piece. For Bulk products, this indicates the price per
pound that you are paying.
k. CASE PRICE - This indicates the cost of UNFI selling unit, whether it be a CS, EA, DSP, etc. This is what you pay. There are instances where the Case Price is not listed. For these products, the Case Price will vary depending on the actual product weight. You’ll find this occurs on some cheeses, whole turkeys, and others.
l. UNIT SRP - “Suggested Retail Price.” This is the price at which UNFI suggests you sell each item to your customers. m. SPECIAL INGREDIENT FLAG
01 = 100% organic 02 = 95% organic 03 = 70% + organic
c = low carb
d = dairy free
f = food service
g= gluten free
r = contains refined sugar l = low sodium/no salt
y = yeast free v = vegan
w = wheat free
t = fair trade
a= artifical ingredients m= GMO- free
n. Sn - Indicates natural specialty ethnic and gourmet items from all over the world. S- Indicates specialty only.
UNFI -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- July - December 2022 Catalog Prices are subject to change without notice. Not all products available in all warehouses.

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